Garett Bolles (GB3 Foundation)

Garett Bolles (GB3 Foundation)


  • Winning Bid: $550.00
Number of Bids: 8 (Bid History)
Bid Increment: $25.00
Available for Bidding: 1
Listing #: 4871670
Open Date: Dec 6, 2023 09:00:00 AM MST
Close Date: Dec 16, 2023 11:59:00 PM MST
Listing Type: Auction
Item Description: Garett Bolles has chosen to highlight the GB3 Foundation for his 2023 My Cause My Cleats charity. The GB3 Foundation is focused on empowering children and youth with learning disabilities to find success through mentors in educational strategies, spiritual and mental wellbeing, whole body nutrition and physical health for the purpose of equipping them to live their dream. Cleats were worn during the Denver Broncos @ Houston Texans game and are autographed by Denver Broncos T Garett Bolles. 100% of proceeds from the sale of this item will benefit the designated non-profit organization (GB3 Foundation). All sales are final.
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Dec 16, 2023 07:14:22 PM MST $550.00
Dec 15, 2023 03:52:02 PM MST $550.00
Dec 16, 2023 04:47:27 PM MST $525.00
Dec 16, 2023 04:47:15 PM MST $475.00
Dec 15, 2023 10:09:46 AM MST $425.00
Dec 6, 2023 06:00:12 PM MST $400.00
Dec 13, 2023 01:30:53 PM MST $375.00
Dec 6, 2023 10:12:33 PM MST $325.00


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