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Item Description: This brew-inspired package features Breckenridge Distillery's Hometown Orange and Blue Blends. Both whiskeys have their own bold and surprising flavors, perfect mouthfeel, and a long finish. Sip and savor with two (2) Breckenridge Distillery whisky glasses. Next, enjoy a unique experience at Denver's The Beer Spa, which offers brew-inspired spa packages. Their on-site taproom serves local craft beer, wine, cider, and non-alcoholic beverages. From there grab some friends and enjoy a "World of Belgian Beers" course at Bruz Beers where you will get a guided tasting of the major categories of Belgian beers by Co-Founder and Brewmaster, Charlie. During the workshop, you'll have the opportunity to taste more than a dozen Belgian beer styles as you learn about their history and characteristics. Finally, take a tour around Europe at The Bindery where they draw inspiration from culinary artisans and food-makers around the world from home-spun European bakeries, corner neighborhood markets, and lively eateries. The package includes: - $100 gift card to The Bindery - $30 gift card to Beer Spa - World of Belgian Beers Course for four (4) - Breckenridge Distillery Orange and Blue Bottles and glasses set *Winner of the package must be able to pick up the Breckenridge Distillery bottles at the UCHealth Training Center (13655 Broncos Parkway, Englewood, CO 80112) due to alcoholic shipment rules and regulations. The winner must be 21 years or older to be in accordance with the law.
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